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Winebar in Modica

Winebar in Modica

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La Merceria


A choice of wines for a variety of occassions and types of drink, chosen with care from local wine makers as well as national and international ones.

The wine choice available at La Merceria stems from the passion for this nectar, we love to tell every single bottle’s story whether it’s those produced in our region or national and international wines.

Wine has become a daily drink in our lives and for this reason we’ve chosen wines that adapt to any occasion: fresh and immediate for an early evening drink, intense and full-bodied to accompany dishes on our menu, rich and structured or plentiful and complex for times of enjoyable conversation.

In the selection process, we favour wine makers whose history and values align with our own ideas on catering and therefore go along with La Merceria’s philosophy.  Of course, the characteristics of the wine, from the vines to the various processing of the grapes, also determine the selection.

A selection of sparkling wines is in no shortage; sparkling Sicilian wines are present as well as Trento DOC and the Franciacortas so celebrating milestones and important events doesn’t go without a toast.

Throughout the year tasting dinner events are organised with the intention of making a little journey through a selection of wines in order to bring appreciation to the aromatic and fragrant notes for a true experience for the senses!

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