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About us

About us

bottone-merceria - La Merceria Modica

La Merceria was founded with the intention of offering a real alternative to the standard bars.

A variety of burgers with local meats with zero food miles, a wide range of artisan beers and native wines, the art of mixology for drinks that are different to the standard.

The aim is to be outstanding and provide an alternative experience while simultaneously feeling familiar.

The philosophy on which the idea of our venue is based is on evolving choices that unite the desire for products from our region with elements of innovation in both food and drink.

For this reason, you won’t only find burgers and sandwiches but also a choice of main courses that are also made of selected and seasonal ingredients, with which special care is taken in cooking so as to enhance each characteristic and attribute.

The menu was created with the idea of giving ample choice that appeals to most tastes, so it also comprises a selection of vegetarian sandwiches and, last but not least, gluten-free sandwiches for celiacs which was also specially created by a local bakery rather than industrially.

The kitchen, like the bar, is always evolving as time goes on.

Through constant research and experimentation, we aim to be constantly innovative without ever compromising La Merceria’s core values, like the conservation and appraisal of our region’s products.

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