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Hamburger in Modica

Burger containing 100% locally sourced meat and ingredients

Our burger fully embraces La Merceria’s philosophy based on selecting genuine ingredients with zero food miles. It stems from a careful selection of local meat, where breeders scrupulously take care of their livestock throughout the maturation process. Its softness, the way it melts in the mouth, derive from a diet researched specifically for raising livestock to have flavour and juiciness thanks to the load of nutrients taken in. During preparation, great care is taken not to lose the characteristics already present in the meat – instead they are enhanced by requisite cooking, our burgers are served medium-cooked in accordance. Once in the sandwich, the meat encounters varied ingredients that make up what we define as a traditional or a KM Zero.
Hamburger a Modica - La Merceria-4
Hamburger a Modica - La Merceria

Hamburger traditional

The Traditional burgers are the burgers we could also refers to as classics, with all the recognisable ingredients that comprise a burger.

Hamburger a Modica - La Merceria

Hamburger Km Zero

KM Zero are the burgers that we say “speak of the real Sicily” and here’s why… Every burger has its story, exclusively sourced from local suppliers; starting with the meat, which varies from classic beef to more particular ones such as buffalo, wild boar or horsemeat.

Quality Ingredients

All our burgers are always accompanied with carefully chosen ingredients from local producers like Ragusano DOP, a cheese that boasts a centuries long tradition of an aromatic flavour that is also simultaneously sweet, it’s simple but full of flavour, amplifying every dish it makes contact with.

Or our locally produced bacon from Nebrodi pork.

Last but not least is the bread, made with flour from antique Sicilian grain, it has also been specially researched for consistency and form so it’s ready to accommodate all the ingredients’ flavours without being intrusive, to simply go hand in hand with them.

Hamburger a Modica - La Merceria

We believe that the basis of hospitality is to make customers feel at ease.

This is why we have been careful to ensure that there is ample choice on the menu to satisfy everyone’s tastes and dietary requirements.

Vegetarian hamburger

Indeed, there are vegetarian and vegan options available on the menu, these are also based on a selection of locally sourced vegetables united with a pinch of Sicilian tradition.

Gluten free

The majority of our dishes can be served gluten-free, we have specially researched bread for those with this dietary intolerance.

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