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Cocktail Bar

Cocktail Bar

bottone-merceria - La Merceria Modica

La Merceria

Cocktail Bar and distillery in Modica

Sophisticated and refined drinks for an intimate and all-encompassing tasting experience

A drink can become a sensory experience even before it touches the lips.

Tasting through the bartender’s story gives us the chance to discern some aromatic notes while it’s still being created.

The majority of our drinks have a homemade base, specially designed for measure, flavour and consistency.

New recipes and preparation techniques are continually tested by bartenders so as to create diverse products such as syrups, confits and infusions that will give life to a new drink.

By means of the art of mixology, drinks are researched and refined, these are the synthesis of selected prime ingredients and numerous creative attempts.  A taste experience that is intimate and complete.

There will be drinks that are designed and created on the spot based on the customer’s request, we could call them made-to-measure drinks. Our particularity is present in a drink’s menu that has been specifically researched by our bartenders by means of both professional experience and travel, during which inspiration has been taken resulting in infectious creation. It always represents a life journey, a trip or an experience, in which drink after drink the story’s plot is slowly revealed and everything becomes linked by a common thread. Our intention is therefore to propose a drink that is different to the standard, in addition to boasting a variety of distilled and homemade products and enhancing their characteristics.  Encouraging you to take your time savouring the numerous sensorial notes that you yourself will seek out. In the process of selecting a distillation we will unquestionably assess its history and origin but moreover it has to be in line with to our philosophy of what we mean by a drink and so can be used as a base from which homemade preparations can be combined to enhance its aroma and character.
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